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Founded on Family Values

Since 2009, Rolling Hill Ranch has been founded on family values. It's more to us than just a ranch. We prioritize regenerative ranching practices, while carefully caring for the land and livestock God has given us.

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Our journey began in 2009 when we bought our first piece of property on a hill that we developed into a small ranch, which eventually became know as Rolling Hill Ranch. We quickly realized God had given us a passion for His creation, specifically in agriculture. He placed in us a desire to build an environment where our children could grow up enjoying that creation while developing real life skills they can utilize as successful adults.


After several years of mistakes and learning, we knew we wanted to grow and allow our dream and calling to flourish. That’s when our next chapter began and boy was it a leap of faith! Through God’s grace and provision, on October 8, 2020, we purchased our new ranch in Mountville, SC. Through the course of the following year, we worked and worked: renovated our home, built fences, installed water lines, built corrals, planted grass, and the list goes on. Since that time we have continued growing, changing, and building a place not just for our family and business, but also a place where people can come visit, feel the peace of the Lord through the beauty of His creation, and leave regenerated.


You see, we don’t operate our ranch conventionally. We follow a set of principles and operate through a set of methods that encourages regeneration of the land through the use of livestock, also known as Regenerative Ranching. Our operation seeks to allow the land and the animals to work together to make each other better.  We work hard to fix areas of our ranch that have been abused or hurt from conventional methods of farming. This means we do things as naturally and healthy as possible: no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, hormones, or other unnatural chemicals.


It’s amazing how the land and animals are so forgiving once they are shown the right kind of love and care. It reminds us every day of God’s redemptive forgiveness when we turn away from our sinful nature and seek after Him!


We currently raise cattle, goats, poultry, produce, and trees. We sell grass fed beef, registered South Poll cattle, registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, goat milk soaps and lotions, pastured eggs, and seasonal produce. Our focus through our products is to provide nutrient dense food and healthy livestock for our table and yours! We have an open door policy, so please come for a visit or for some peace and quiet.


We hope to see you on the ranch soon!



"Regenerative ranching asks us to think about how all aspects of agriculture are connected through a web—a network of entities who grow, enhance, exchange, distribute, and consume goods and services—instead of a linear supply chain. It’s about farming and ranching in a style that nourishes people and the earth, with specific practices varying from grower to grower and from region to region. There’s no strict rule book, but the holistic principles behind the dynamic system of regenerative agriculture are meant to restore soil and ecosystem health, address inequity, and leave our land, waters, and climate in better shape for future generations."

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